Validating competency


It is based on the Inventory for Assessing the Process of Cultural Competence Among Healthcare Professionals-Revised (IAPCC-R©) and also measures the five constructs of this model (cultural desire, cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill and cultural encounters).

Fitzgerald, Cronin and Campinha-Bacote (2007) conducted a study entitled, in which they administered the IAPCC-SV© to 91undergraduate nursing students at Bellarmine University Lansing School of Nursing and Health Sciences to establish reliability of this tool.

■ Cultural Competence OSCE (cc OSCE) – Developed by Alexander Green, the cc OSCE is a one-station, performance-based assessment of medical students’ ability to elicit and comprehend the sociocultural causes of health outcomes.

It features a middle-aged ethnic minority woman for whom a combination of sociocultural factors, including an inaccurate understanding of hypertension, have led to medication non-adherence and complaints of inability to control her blood pressure.

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Listings include but are not limited to reproductive health, housing, counseling and legal service providers. Learn More Ending sexual violence is a daunting mission.

Within a 15-minute time limit, examinees must take a patient history, present the patient’s case orally to an examiner, and answer a short-answer question about the case.

Performance is rated using multiple, conceptually founded checklists.

The IAPCC-R is based on Campinha-Bacote’s model of cultural competence, The Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services (1998) and measures the five constructs of this model (cultural desire, cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill and cultural encounters).Welcome to the world’s leading training programme for leisure and professional boaters.Our internationally renowned training schemes steer 250,000 yacht sailors, powerboaters, small craft leisure boaters, windsurfers and canal boaters towards confident and successful boating every year.Reliability testing revealed a Cronbach’s alpha of .783.Click onto the following link for more details of this tool ().Learn More DCRCC is thrilled to offer online courses and trainings spanning a range of topics—consent, rape culture, historical trauma, mandated reporting, cultural competency, empowerment, and anti oppression to name a few. We invite you to share your time and talents with a community of committed advocates.

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