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The Half-Life 2 Beta, also known as the Half-Life 2 Alpha, the Half-Life 2 Leak, the Beta, or the leak, is a generic name that refers to Half-Life 2 during its interesting development stages, from 1999 to its release in 2004.

All names for the cut/leaked material were coined by the players.

This recorder is apparently a customized version of Remote Anywhere created to infect Valve (at least it hasn't been seen anywhere else, and isn't detected by normal virus scanning tools). What I'd appreciate is the assistance of the community in tracking this down.

6) Periodically for the last year we've been the subject of a variety of denial of service attacks targetted at our webservers and at Steam. I have a special email address for people to send information to, [email protected]

If you have information about the denial of service attacks or the infiltration of our network, please send the details.

There are some pretty obvious places to start with the posts and records in IRC, so if you can point us in the right direction, that would be great. Gembe later contacted Newell through e-mail (also providing an unreleased document planning the E3 events).

It was scheduled for a release date on September 30, 2003, but was delayed.

Half-Life 2 was originally intended to be a far darker game based on far grittier artwork where the Combine were more obviously draining the oceans for minerals and replacing the atmosphere with noxious, murky gases.

The Citadel also looked very different, it was more round than the bulky Citadel from the final version.

While the playable game leaked in 2003 is quite similar to the retail product and already heavily trimmed, this earlier period of development of the game shows a quite different style.

2) Shortly afterwards my machine started acting weird (right-clicking on executables would crash explorer).

I was unable to find a virus or trojan on my machine, I reformatted my hard drive, and reinstalled.

Parts of the book Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar and the leaked files detail how Gordon would fight alongside characters such as Odell in the Borealis (or Hyperborea), as well as fighting together with Captain Vance and Vance's forces, the Conscripts, in the Air Exchange, the Weather Control and the rooftops of City 17.

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